Water Purification System.

Reverse Osmosis, Water Softner / No-Salt Softener,...

Water Ionizer - Alkalizer.

The Latest Advances In Water Technology To Produce Pure, Alkaline Drinking Water.

Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners from Heaven Fresh.

Silent Ionic Air Purifiers & Negative Ion Generators.

Water Bottles and other Products.

Surely, the objective of every person alive on this planet is for a Healthy, Long Life, Vitality, Well Being, Vibrancy, remaining Beautiful, and to certainly slow down the effect of the chemistry behind aging!In the Orient this water is known as 'Anti Aging' water, simply because this energized water has the ability to aid in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to trillions of body cells, as also the ability to flush out waste and toxins produced at the cellular level in the respiration process...

Silent Ionic Air Purifiers & Negative Ion Generators.

Reverse Osmosis

Innovative drinking water systems from Aqua Solutions feature reverse osmosis membrane technology, to provide you with water treatment as it was intended to be, just H2O. Harmful chemicals are removed. ...

Water Softner

Would you like to have softer smoother skin, silkier shiner more manageable hair and sparkling and spotless dishes and glasses ....

Ultraviolet Light

to solve a problem that's been around for ages. Bacteriological contamination can be present in all water supplies, especially rural areas or areas which are not treated with municipal water systems...

Shower Filters

A recent study showed that a 10 minute shower or a 20 minute bath is the same as drinking 2 liters of chlorinated water. Stop showering and bathing in chlorine, THM's, and VOC's. .

No-bottle Water Coolers

Great for the office or at home. Our bottle-less water coolers save you time space and money every month. Stop lifting those back-breaking heavy bottles!